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DNA and Family History Research 

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For a readable introduction to DNA and its application to family history research see "Family History in the Genes ... Trace your DNA and Grow your family tree ..." 

Author Chris Pomery, first published in 2007 by  The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4DU, UK. ISBN reference ISBN 9787 1 905615 12 4

The Dunbar DNA Project 

Web site - http://www.dunbardna.org/

Contact - Debra Dunbar Nowell at  dunbardna@gmail.com 

The Project is USA based, and is seeking male volunteers for testing. The following list appears on their website and is reproduced here with their permission. 

DNA Most “Wanted” List

Below is a request for needed DNA. (Remember, all must be male, direct line Dunbar descendants with no female ancestors in the direct line, or carry the Dunbar surname.  If you know living descendants of any of these men, please let them know about the Project and ask for their participation.   This list will be updated as more participants join and contribute to the Patriarchs page in search of ancestors.

  • Any male with the Dunbar surname.
  • Any proven direct descendant of Gospatric.
  • Any proven direct descendant of Baldoon & Machramore Dunbars.
  • Any Dunbar with point of origination in Scotland, Ireland, or England.
  • Any Dunbar still residing in Scotland, Ireland, England.
  • William Dunbar of “The Forest”, Natchez, MS1750, Elgin, Morayshire, Scotland.
  • Robert Dunbar of “Oakley Grove”, Natchez, MS emigrated from Scotland with mother, father, brother 1770.  First settled in North Carolina.
  • John Dunbar of CT 1694, Son Edward b. 1722.
  • Duncan Dunbar 1804-1862, the shipping magnate.
  • Robert Bruce Dunbar 1914-2005
  • Michael Dunbar, b. c1800 Ireland & Honora.  Sons Edward William b. c1837, Michael b. c1847 Ireland, Patrick b. c1851, or John b. c1853.
  • William Dunbar, b. c1670 Invernesshire, Scotland.  Sons William 1695, Hugh 1705, or James 1710.
  • James Dunbar, c1630, Petty, Invernesshire, Scotland.  Sons William 1647, Robert 1648, or John 1654.
  • Thomas Dunbar, b 12 May 1784 Rasharkin IRE, m. Jane Hunter, d. 5 Sep 1859 New Brunswick
  • Major John Dunbar of Ballycarney IRE, m. Anne Killegrew, d. 1724
  • Rev. George Dunbar, early 1600’s, minister in Ayr, Scot. & Northern IRE.
  • Gavin Dunbar of Dumfries, Scotland, merchant, brother of David Dunbar of Baldoon.
  • Samuel Dunbar c1735 IRE? m. Anne Moore
  • Matthew Dunbar b. 1764 Scotland?, m. Mary Ellen Herbert, d. c1799 Ronceuerte, WV
  • Robert Dunbar b. c1760 Lancaster PA, m. Hanna Maxwell, d. aft 1812 Monroe Co., WV
  • Gavin Dunbar, b. 1609 Scotland, m. Mary Dundas. Known children Robert & Archibald